In today’s episode I talk about adult relationships and how we build them.

Research has shown that our attachment style influences the relationships we build as adults. Our attachment style influences the romantic relationships we have, the trust, and closeness we seek from our partner. It is an important proxy for successful long-term relationships, as knowing about one’s attachment style helps to express what needs one has. Another important and useful tool for successful relationships is to know about one’s preference in the way love is expressed. This can be very different among the couple and cause a lot of tension, unmet expectations, and lots of effort with little positive outcome. It is important to express to our partner what we need.

The above aspects of romantic relationships become even more complex in mixed race couples. It is even more important to communicate and accept that some aspects are lost in translation. Forgiveness, open-mindedness, and curiosity for the other are essential for a successful mixed race couple.


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More Episodes

Live from LA: Interview with an artist

October 27, 2020

In today’s episode I had the pleasure to talk to my friend and artist Emily Malan. She’s a fashion photographer for VOGUE and other international art magazines. Emily shared how she trusted her intuition and competence to work in person with her camera, rather than just jump on the digital race. Staying true to oneself is something so powerful and Emily lives this fully. It’s very empowering to listen to her and get inspired.   


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Interview with a Swiss Head of School

October 27, 2020

In today’s episode I talk to Geneviève Appenzeller-Combe, Head of Obersee Bilingual School. She’s currently in isolation at home, due to a positive tested student she’s intensively working with.

We will talk about what it means to be leading a school that runs in person from home and learn more about the journey of her school through 2020. How being prepared and well-equipped for remote school, thanks to their long term experience in the digitalized classroom. But also the challenges it causes for teachers and students.

One of the most insightful take home messages was, how the pandemic impacts adolescents, who’s peers mean the world to them. How they feel such a strong need to hug their friends, at the same time feeling so guilty for doing something wrong, that could harm other family members, if they get COVID-19. It’s an incredible burden, that’s very challenging to carry for young people, especially. Since they’re not as equipped as adults to manage challenging situations.

Geneviève’s insight is to keep the message for young people simple, transparent, and straight forward.

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What’s happening to the psyche of the world?

October 26, 2020

What’s happening to the psyche of the world?


Sitting in rainy Milano, reflecting over the many discussions I’ve had with people from different professions, the experience to walk all day inside and outside with face cover, missing the smiles of the Italians. I felt overwhelmed, but couldn’t really pinpoint it to any specific cause. I’ve retreated to the hotel room, did yoga, spoke to patients, which calmed my mind.

There’s a collective trauma in the air, people are afraid, sad, lost a sense of meaning for life. It’s a very heavy feeling and it’s present in everyone.


  • What are we doing to the psyche of people around the world, while we try to mitigate the COVID19 pandemic?
  • Will there be an upcoming generation of young people that over proportionally will suffer from anxiety, depression, PTSD?
  • What kind of impact will this have on the future of our societies?


We must start considering the mental health impacts of the public measures to mitigate the pandemic, since we’re creating simultaneously another one: a global mental health crisis.


There has to be immediate action, raise of awareness, interventions, and prevention programs for our young ones. The future lies in their hands.

We should also not forget the older generation. While trying to protect them from COVID-19, we create the most lonely elderly generation in history. Old people became so incredibly lonely and die due to lack of meaning and life spirit.


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Emotional Intelligence

October 26, 2020

Emotional Intelligence podcast


In today’s episode, live streaming from Milano, I have the pleasure to talk to Emmanuelle, upper school teacher in French, (Personal, social, health, economy), PSHE at Obersee Bilingual School. Emmanuelle is Française and Italiana, an inspiring, energetic, and warm-hearted woman. Emmanuelle launched an emotional intelligence program at OBS.


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Women in today’s society

October 23, 2020

What inspires me as a young female academic is to be a role model for future generations of women. Especially, being Swiss with a very present glass-ceiling effect for female professionals. There is a great need to push for more female representatives in large companies, but also at universities, to appoint more female professors, or hire more female bankers in leadership roles. Because female entrepreneurs tend to prefer to talk to a female banker, that takes care of her financial aspects of running a startup or larger business. A clear such structure can be seen in China, where the majority of the banking staff are women, and a large number of entrepreneurs and successful business owners are women.

We all have a responsibility to contribute with our female power to make a change. Each one of us can take her step towards a more equal society.


What can we women do?

  • Support other women’s businesses.
  • Share knowledge with other women to increase opportunities for growth.
  • Be a mentor for a young woman.
  • Collaborate across disciplines and professions.
  • Raise your voice and take space.
  • Be confident to be a woman.
  • Let jealousy behind.


We’re in this together, together we strive.


"I decided who I wanted to be, and that is who I am.” Coco Chanel


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Family Dynamics

October 23, 2020

Families and their patterns are familiar and universal, yet they tend to go about without our conscious awareness. It is very difficult to change an assigned family roles, even for grown up children.


Family dynamics are patterns of interactions between family members that influence family structure, hierarchy, roles, values, and behaviors. Family dynamics have a strong impact on the way children see themselves, others, and the world. Moving to a new country can dramatically change a family's dynamics.

How can we change our assigned family roles? It needs time and mutual respect and acceptance within the family, in order to change. These changes can however be uplifting and disrupt a wishes circle. Family therapy can be a useful way to get a mutual third party moderating a family’s discussions.









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Emerging Adults: Attention Needed!

October 14, 2020

Many young adults in today’s world are faced with a very challenging outlook for their future. Despite their educational level, uncertainty to find a fulfilling job, that would provide the so sought freedom and independence from their parents, are sparse. The job market in 2020 has not been as challenging since the Great Depression, and even for those in collage or apprenticeship, the future isn’t as bright as it has been in the past decades.

This generation of young adults is more vulnerable to mental health problems.


A recent epidemiological study from the University of Hong Kong has shown that under 2020 more than 20% of the 15-24 year olds suffered from moderate depression and anxiety.

One-third of the participants reported a high level of health anxiety.

Over 10% showed significant levels of insomnia and somatic symptoms.

Young people are at risk of severe psychological impact during the coronavirus pandemic. Monitoring the mental health trajectory for youth should become routine practice during times of crisis.

As parents, teachers, educators, and society we need to focus on this generation of young adults and provide all possible support.

Couple’s Life

October 13, 2020

Today’s episode discusses topics related to couples. No matter in which stage of your relationship you are, conflicts are normal and important. What is crucial for a long term relationship is how you resolve conflicts. Being able to talk to each other is crucial.


Some rules of a successful communication are:

  • The use of the I-messaging, rather than you-messaging, which leads to defensive responses.
  • Take a time out, if the discussion gets too heated. But important, unite afterwards and talk over it.
  • Discuss what makes you feel appreciated. Many times we do things for our partner without knowing if it’s what they need.


Date nights bring back the spark in long term relationships, even if they’re scheduled! It’s a phone-, child-free time to uniquely focus on the couple.

Have the courage to talk about sexual desires!

An open relationship is where you can talk share your preferences and let seduction have its room. It is key to a fulfilled sex life for the both of you to brush off all taboos.


Global Mental Health and why it matters

October 6, 2020

My aim is to reduce the population burden of mental disorders through research, teaching, training, and advocacy.


I am passionate about using science to overcome provide evidence for preventative measure and highlight the effectiveness of early interventions to reduce the risk of longterm mental health disorders, globally.