Many young adults in today’s world are faced with a very challenging outlook for their future. Despite their educational level, uncertainty to find a fulfilling job, that would provide the so sought freedom and independence from their parents, are sparse. The job market in 2020 has not been as challenging since the Great Depression, and even for those in collage or apprenticeship, the future isn’t as bright as it has been in the past decades.

This generation of young adults is more vulnerable to mental health problems.


A recent epidemiological study from the University of Hong Kong has shown that under 2020 more than 20% of the 15-24 year olds suffered from moderate depression and anxiety.

One-third of the participants reported a high level of health anxiety.

Over 10% showed significant levels of insomnia and somatic symptoms.

Young people are at risk of severe psychological impact during the coronavirus pandemic. Monitoring the mental health trajectory for youth should become routine practice during times of crisis.

As parents, teachers, educators, and society we need to focus on this generation of young adults and provide all possible support.

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Couple’s Life

October 13, 2020

Today’s episode discusses topics related to couples. No matter in which stage of your relationship you are, conflicts are normal and important. What is crucial for a long term relationship is how you resolve conflicts. Being able to talk to each other is crucial.


Some rules of a successful communication are:

  • The use of the I-messaging, rather than you-messaging, which leads to defensive responses.
  • Take a time out, if the discussion gets too heated. But important, unite afterwards and talk over it.
  • Discuss what makes you feel appreciated. Many times we do things for our partner without knowing if it’s what they need.


Date nights bring back the spark in long term relationships, even if they’re scheduled! It’s a phone-, child-free time to uniquely focus on the couple.

Have the courage to talk about sexual desires!

An open relationship is where you can talk share your preferences and let seduction have its room. It is key to a fulfilled sex life for the both of you to brush off all taboos.


Global Mental Health and why it matters

October 6, 2020

My aim is to reduce the population burden of mental disorders through research, teaching, training, and advocacy.


I am passionate about using science to overcome provide evidence for preventative measure and highlight the effectiveness of early interventions to reduce the risk of longterm mental health disorders, globally.


October 5, 2020

Resilient people are characterized by:


Positive, realistic outlook

Moral compass

Belief in something greater than themselves

Altruistic and focus on meaningful activities

Accept what they cannot change and target their energy on what they can change.

Social network and support

They have a job and that’s meaningful to them.

Women empowering women

October 4, 2020

Today’s podcast is an interview with Natalia, a physicist and nuclear power engineer. We’re talking about women supporting women.

What inspires her and how she’s dedicated to support other young women to get access to power and success.


We discussed how she navigates in a male dominate field, and gained the respect she deserves.


“A strong woman is the one, who highlights the difference between men and women”

Coco Chanel

GROW and how to provide feedback

October 2, 2020

The GROW coaching model consists of four steps. The word GROW is actually an acronym for Goal - Reality - Options - Will.

The first step in the GROW coaching model is defining the goal of the coaching trajectory.

Step two of the GROW coaching model is becoming aware of the actual reality the coachee is in.

Step three of the GROW coaching model is to generate options and ideas that can contribute to the solution of the problem. 

The fourth and last step of the GROW coaching model is the choice of one option. To create a will, strive to accomplish a set goal.

Seasonal affective disorder

October 2, 2020

Fall and winter are on their way. It’s getting darker and many of us notice their energy levels getting lower and their mood following along. What to do about the mood changing together with the season?


One of the most important things to do, is to go outside, even if it’s cloudy, rainy, foggy or snowy. The UV light is still there, providing the body with necessary vitamin D.


Regular exercise and day/night rhythm are boosting the energy, immune system, and mood too.


September 29, 2020

Ein Thema das uns alle angeht, dennoch nicht einfach zu lösen ist. Mobbing hat serious consequences für die betroffene Person. Macht, Manipulation und Hilflosigkeit. Mobbing kann in extremen Situationen zu Posttraumatischem Stress (PTSD), Depression und Suizid führen. Exclusion aus einer Gruppe hat physischen Schmerz zur Folge, was zeigt, wie schwerwiegend Mobbing und Ausgrenzung für uns ist.

Yoga, self-reflection and self-care

September 22, 2020

What can we learn from Dina,  yoga teacher in NYC about mental well-being and coping strategies during 2020.


Sticking to routines (yoga, running, cooking) and keeping them up, no matter what, is extremely important.


When does caring for others become too much and overwhelming? When we forget about our self-care.


Yoga can help us stay better connected with your personal needs and limits.


Prüfungsstress / Performance Anxiety

September 16, 2020

Performance anxiety / Prüfungsstress

Selbstattribution von Misserfolgen führt zu einer Negativspirale und vermindertem Selbstwertgefühl.

Jugendliche in unserer Leistungsgesellschaft stehen unter hohem Druck Leistungen abzurufen, um ihren Eltern, der Gesellschaft und den eigenen Ansprüchen zu genügen.