August 3, 2021 Career and Performance Assessments

Working with school placement assessments since over 10 years provided me soo much joy. The families I’ve encountered over the years shared my initial self-trial. The tests knew me better than I knew myself! Parents over the years shared their assessment experience, telling me that they’ve recognised their child to 99% in the reports provided by me. It’s such a wonderful endeavour to be able to share a child’s strength with the parents and give an objective interpretation of feelings and thoughts parents and children themselves had for a long time. It’s simply magic, a real endorphin booster. Completing an assessment isn’t only beneficial for young children and adolescents, it’s a great opportunity for adults figuring out their next career step or personal life trajectory. It’s a reassuring process, often stirring up new ideas, encouraging one to step out of one’s comfort zone, on to new adventures. 

From research we know, that personality is rather stable over life, yet with commitment and dedication, we can change our personality traits, which we favour less about ourselves. I. e. someone with low levels of dutifulness and self-discipline, can improve their level of the former, by continuously working on these areas. The more we know about who we are, the better we can improve our selves and excel our performance. Our personality has a greater impact on our academic and career success than our IQ, since motivation, dutifulness, and achievement striving are essential to get ahead in life. People with GRIT, the latest definition of consciousness will be successful either way. The inner flame of motivation, the intrinsic motivation, is the driving force to success. 

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