January 13, 2021 Loneliness and community of a long-distance runner

Long-distance running as a method of both emotional and physical escape from challenging situations. Since many many years, the best way for me to hold a mental and physical equilibrium is long-distance running by myself. The loneliness while running calms both mind and body. Loneliness in this situation isn’t negatively connotated, but rather a source of inspiration. Running brings new energy, fresh air, helps against depression, anxiety, winter darkness, and the best way to get rid of Jetlag.


Running in the morning, during daylight has a positive impact on circadian rhythm, improves sleep quality, and is a protective factor against mood disorders such as depression.

To me, the research on circadian rhythm was a welcoming confirmation of what I had felt for many years, that running during daylight helped against seasonal affective disorder, particularly in Scandinavia where the sun hours are very sparse in winter. What I’ve also noticed in Scandinavia was the circadian rhythm of mine is calibrated to the day-night rhythm of Switzerland. It is very confusing for my system to be in Sweden in both winter and summer, as my system isn’t accommodated to the darkness nor the bright midnight sun days in summer.

Running can help to balance the circadian rhythm, since it impacts the sleep quality positively. Go out for a run, no matter how the weather is, it’s always a good choice. At first it needs discipline, then it’s freedom. A freedom to be one with your body and mind, to let your thoughts free flowing. The best ideas always come to me, when I’m out running.


Tie your shoes and get out, no matter how the weather is, even if it’s just a short run around the block. Regularity is key: get out everyday, even if it’s just for 10min. Routines rock!


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