November 5, 2020 Relationships and how theycome about


In today’s episode I talk about adult relationships and how we build them.

Research has shown that our attachment style influences the relationships we build as adults. Our attachment style influences the romantic relationships we have, the trust, and closeness we seek from our partner. It is an important proxy for successful long-term relationships, as knowing about one’s attachment style helps to express what needs one has. Another important and useful tool for successful relationships is to know about one’s preference in the way love is expressed. This can be very different among the couple and cause a lot of tension, unmet expectations, and lots of effort with little positive outcome. It is important to express to our partner what we need.

The above aspects of romantic relationships become even more complex in mixed race couples. It is even more important to communicate and accept that some aspects are lost in translation. Forgiveness, open-mindedness, and curiosity for the other are essential for a successful mixed race couple.


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