September 7, 2021 Step up and take space: It’s a women’s world

Over the years, I felt hmm should I really show my female side at work, in public? Nja, not so much! I never liked the idea to be reduced just to the clothes I’ve been wearing, the look. I’ve focussed on the competitive side, the hardworking, dedicated part in me and had that to become the center of my being. My love for the beauty of things, fashion, jewellery, my softer, more vulnerable part was put aside. 

This year, I’ve launched UNE SUR CENT, my own company emphasizing female empowerment, intellectual freedom, and the opportunity to choose to maintain a career. All women can and are entitled to have it all. Be feminine and make an impact on the global scene. Combining our passion for intellectual freedom with feminine details, jewellery, and clothes. Highlight the female power. 


This weeks conversation with the Prada Stockholm and London female leaders emphasized my vision and goal with UNE SUR CENT. Proud to make an impact and initiate change. It’s a women’s world. 


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