August 3, 2021 Vacation mode

Now even more than ever, it’s important to set up your out-of-office notification. And yes, do so prior to taking off for vacation.  

The pandemic had both down and upsides in the corporate world. Especially, the topic of work-life balance has been challenged. The work environment moved into people’s homes, the division of work and private life fused. People’s mental load increased, due to a lack of boundaries between the two lives: work and private life. People increased their working hours and productivity has been rising, counterintuitively to what companies were afraid to happen. The dip in productivity didn’t occur, but employees more and more describe a fatigue of digital work, home office, lack of physical connection with colleagues, and a sense of being on 24/7. No proper physical distinction of spaces: work vs. home. 


Steps to take:

  • Set boundaries
  • Don’t forget your out-of-office notification
  • Divide your home to clear work vs. living space 
  • Read emails during specifically set times and not before going to bed
  • Return to the office gradually