February 17, 2021 Women in Switzerland: Story of four generations

In the 1920ies and 30ies my great grandmothers have been involved in the women’s rights movement in Switzerland. One of them moved to Malaysia to start ten mines with her later to be husband, the other one was a French pianist and multilingual. My step-great grandma, the first women to ride as a jockey around the spring parade in Zurich (Sechseläuten).

Grandma wanted to become an airplane ingenieur and in her free time built airplane models. Grandma flew around the world with her parents, partially grew up in Malaysia and Australia.

My mother decided to move to Australia on her own, to work as a nurse and later travelled the Middle East all by herself: Afghanistan, Syria, United Emirates, before returning to Switzerland.

The heritage of these inspiring, independent women of their time gave me the courage to move forward with my own project. Developing my own company to inspire and support women, feels like following in their early footsteps of female empowerment in Switzerland.

A country where even I was born before all women had their right to vote. This year is the 50-year and 30-year anniversary of the Swiss women’s right to vote.

A time to set the spotlight on the glass ceiling effect, the salary inequality, the lack of female role models, and the ongoing discrimination of women to persuade their intellectual freedom.

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